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A Sound Story

Radio Drama commissioned by Radio Bremen 2, DLF

February 2001


A Radio Play

Radio Drama commissioned by for Radio Bremen 2

September 2001


A Radio Play based on Heinrich von Kleist´s essay "On the Marionette Theatre" commissioned by Radio Bremen

December 2002

El Niño – verweht, geröstet, schockgefroren

Acoustical travels in the wake of a global weather phenomenon.
by Götz Lemberg

SWR, RBB, Radio Bremen, DLF, HR, Finnischer Rundfunk

El Nino is a global weather phenomenon, which strikes every six to seven years. It is among the most dangerous natural occurrences on the planet. Beginning with the warming of tremendous amounts of water in the East Pacific, El Nino travels from there via South America and South Africa to India, Australia and Indonesia. Later, it continues to Central and North America, finally reaching North Africa and Europe. Massive floods, droughts, forest fires, epidemics and starvation are the catastrophic results of this ever-recurring anomaly of nature.

 Verweht, geröstet, schockgefroren conveys the futility of technical progress in the face of such overwhelming forces of nature. The composition presents an artistic meditation on nature and environmental destruction, violence and powerlessness, hope and desperation.

 Verweht, geröstet, schockgefroren is a five-part composition, offering one theme for each continent on the path of El Nino. Transitions between the individual sections are fluid. Fitting for the musical setting of this uncontrollable force which challenges our rational comprehension, the sound spectrum concentrates primarily on musicalized, manipulated sounds, dissociated from their origins. The libretto is a collage drawn from various literary genres: weather forecasts, interviews with witnesses and victims, poetry, biblical prophecy, and ecological statistics.